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After spending his whole life on his family farm on the East End of Long Island, Kenneth Glover Sr. didn't know much else other than farming. So when it came time to start his own career, it's no surprise that Kenny bought his own farm on Eastern Long Island and began farming in 1952.

Starting out he grew potatoes. After many years of growing and delivering potatoes, the Long Island potato business began to decline. Kenny decided to try a new crop and a new way of getting this crop to the public. He decided to plant strawberries and have the public come pick for themselves, becoming one of Long Island's first "U-Pick" farms. The strawberries boomed so much, the town named the farm's cross street "Strawberry Lane". 

Kenny Sr's son, Kenny Jr followed in his father's foot steps and also spent most of his life working alongside dad in the fields. After years of successful Strawberry plants, they decided to add another public picking crop and started growing pumpkins for the Fall. The father - son team did well together and created new business ideas every year. Of course, Kenny Jr's own children followed the family tradition and still work out in the fields alongside their father. 

In 2001, we lost Kenny Sr. However, as we enter our third generation of the family farm, we still hold on tight to the same goals as Kenny Sr. -  To provide the public with only the freshest produce we have and to show the public our very own love for farming just as Kenny Sr. did.

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