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Our Seasons

Since 1952, Glover Farms has been providing quality produce to the public through our U-PIck seasons. At Glover Farms, we try to provide the public with an interactive farm experience to boost the public's knowledge of agriculture. While you walk through our fields you can see our farming equipment up close and have our goats eat right out of your hand. During our summer seasons you might even catch the farmer out plowing the fields. 

Pumpkin Season

During the month of October come by and pick the perfect pumpkin for the upcoming holiday and take your chances getting lost in our 10 acre corn maze!


Monday - Friday : 2 pm - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday : 10am - 6pm

Columbus Day : 10am - 6pm

Strawberry Season

For the month of June our delicious strawberries are ready to be picked! Come down and pick them fresh right off the vine! 


Everyday: 10am - 5:30pm

Farm Animals

While you're at the farm you could see our super friendly goats and some of our chickens. You can also feed them right out of your hand!

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